Communication and Partnership with Parents

It is important for schools to enlist parents and guardians as partners in order to achieve success. We provide opportunities for parents to be a part of our program. We maintain an open door policy and parents are welcome here anytime. We also provide a Family Night every year where parents are invited to visit the school and meet with the teacher and other parents to learn about what is expected for the upcoming year. We establish goals and expectations of what we are promising to you and parents also learn what roles they can play. We also offer two Parent/Teacher Conferences for one on one meeting to discuss child progress. Parents or teachers can also request additional conferences if needed.

In addition, we offer opportunities for parents and other family members to be a part of their school by coming in to read to the children or be special guests for our Social Studies/Downtown Village lesson on Career Day. Week of the Young Child, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, holidays concerts, Halloween Parade, graduations and fundraisers also involve parents. Parents are also included in Progressive Intervention Plans when needed.

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