Another crucial element needed to create optimal learning in our Foundations Classrooms is the curriculum. Quality and carefully planned hands-on learning activities provide for a fun day filled with learning as children investigate and learn new concepts. We have carefully selected subjects to provide for a complete enriching education of your child. Some of these subjects are:

Circle Time:
Two short circle times a day which usually begin with a short gathering activity ensure the repetition of new concepts introduced. Children are introduced to shapes, colors, weather, and calendar as well as numbers and letters. Children socialize, learn new songs and participate in this important and interactive part that begins their day on the right foot as they bond with their teachers and friends alike.

Reading & Phonics:
Early reading skills are developed as the teachers guide your child to explore sight words and the art of word building and sound combinations. Children learn simple laws of building English words and the concept of transforming the spoken words into words and sentences at large. Weekly Reading Books are introduced which begin with a picture walk, predictions, reading and acting out of story and learning of concepts. Reading books have been carefully selected for the quality of print and wealth of lessons taught as children build character and self-control. Your child is bound to develop a love for print and lifelong learning.

Math Magic:
Our Math program includes hands-on activities that encourage and teach number concepts. Math activities include but are not limited to counting, sorting, seriation, patterning, taking away and adding to. Children are challenged to find math links in their everyday lives with a problem-solving attitude as our teachers guide your children to confidence as they develop numerical thinking skills and abilities.

Children learn about their world through hands-on activities that seek to satisfy their inquisitiveness by finding answers to common scientific facts. Children will learn to think like a scientist as they answer simple questions about “why,” “what” and “what if.” Children learn to appreciate life and living things and have the utmost respect for the environment.

Social Studies:
Children have opportunities to explore their social environment and how they fit into their community as people. This program is further enhanced by inviting special guests that further bring classroom concepts to life. The Downtown village promotes hands on learning as children look forward to their visits to the village to participate in this fun and educative program.

Children are encouraged to express themselves through art. Teachers talk to the children about their masterpieces and help then understand the concept of taking pride in their work. Teachers also introduce children to different mediums, art styles and make materials readily available to them for individual, project and group art.

We have built a music curriculum that teaches children to appreciate music and rhythm. The classrooms are equipped with acoustic musical instruments and music of different kinds and cultures that enable children to follow a rhythm. Music is also incorporated in all of their activities and with nursery rhymes at circle time as could also be one of the free choices during learning center explorations.

Fun Friday:
Our Core subjects run from Monday through Friday. Fridays are fun at Children Academy because everyone loves and looks forward to Fridays so why not children as well. On Fridays, children are allowed to bring in an item usually related to the child which the teacher has pre-requested to share with the class under our Show & Share program. Music, Art, Science, Social Studies and a visit to the Downtown Village are also something to look forward to.

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