Our classrooms are fully stocked with materials to spark the imagination. From carefully selected learning materials to classroom arrangement, the Solid Foundation classrooms are planned to flow ergonomically and promote positive interactions amongst children and staff. Learning tools are selected with class size and academic needs in mind and are arranged in multiple learning centers carefully labeled in two languages to promote a print rich and organized atmosphere. Children acquire organizational skills as they learn that everything has a home.

Classroom dynamics are also considered for room arrangement in this quality environment. We have proactively arranged classrooms to prevent learning center over crowing and material inadequacy while maximizing space and creating personal spaces and nooks. Children participate in small and large group activities to meet the highest standards. Learning Centers include:

Pretend Center:
Equipment is selected to encourage imaginative play which includes dress up, role playing, mimicking and personal expression.

Music and Movement Center:
Equipment is selected to encourage rhythm appreciation, sound exploration and creative movement.

Art Center:
Materials are readily made available to encourage children to create their masterpieces. Different mediums and collage materials are made available in an open inviting manner to encourage children to explore their creativity. Project art and group art are also part of Art Center explorations.

Language and Library Center:
Early literacy is encouraged by providing materials likes audio aides, puppets, puzzles and language games as well as colorful quality children books and literacy. Cozy furniture and systematic inviting displays encourage frequent visits and early reading skills. A Me cube added to this Center also provides a quiet and conducive reading environment for the avid reader.

Math & Manipulatives:
Manipulative materials, early math games, counters, sorting and patterning materials encourage early math skills and number concept and awareness.

Science and Geography Center:
Material choices in this center include equipment for the young scientist to investigate our complex world like maps, magnifying glasses, bug catchers, live animals, natural materials as well as materials to explore light and sound.

Block Center:
Some of the equipment provided in this center are blocks of different sizes, shapes, colors and forms to encourage children to build. The young builder and architect also need mini people, cars, animals and vegetation to create their town model.

Each Solid Foundations class is equipped with computers at a ratio of one computer to every fifteen children. Each computer is preloaded with educational games and lessons that enhance what they are learning in class.

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