Help Your Child Grow At Children Academy

Childrens Academy is a reputed organization and a platform for young children. It gives them the opening required to satisfy their educational needs and develop their personality leading to a bright future for kids. When it comes to learning, they make it a point to enrich them with knowledge to the child and help him to grow as a responsible individual. The child is nurtured to grow cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically. Everything that is taught is integrated in their personality through easy curriculum which helps them grow better and imbibe values. As a result of this, children get the right platform to enhance their personality and gain confidence in their understanding of the world. At Children Academy, importance is given to over all growth and development of the child, both personal and educational that benefits the child and parents.

Children Academy believes in imparting unrestricted learning of the child. They have a team of highly skilled teachers who make sure that children learn good health habits and develop basic skills for personal adjustment. They offer innumerable educational projects and curriculum to help children express themselves. A wide array of group work projects, kids learn healthy social attitude and active group work participation. The curriculum is up-to-date and help the emotional development of child and make them mature enough to express, understand, accept and control his feelings and emotions along with encouraging aesthetic appreciation. Child Care Programs wants every child to be independent and creative by helping him to express his feelings and thoughts. The idea is to enable the child reach out to the world confidently fluent, correct and clear speech without any fear.

The program and curriculum of Children Academy is child centric. It gives them the freedom to be self sufficient and chase their dreams. They take immense effort to create the perfect ambiance for learning and encourage mental development making imprints in young minds as they learn through fun while being challenged to achieve success and grow as responsible people. All the Teachers and Para-professionals are trained in the latest research and learning trends. Many of their teachers are New Jersey Licensed Group Teachers in addition to being Child Development Associate holders. Extensive continuing education program that is a part of the Star Program help them to maintain current licenses and keep updating their knowledge with extensive research and latest education trends. This is because they want their kids to stand apart from the crowd and be at par with local, national and world standards. All the teachers clear tough exams and have to face a series of challenging hiring process and pre-employment verifications. Thorough back-check is also done along with criminal investigation. Staff also takes training for child and Infant CPR training and procedures to keep up with changing trends and deal with children accordingly.