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Ensure Your Child Gets Only The Best With Children Academy

Being one of the reputed child care and learning centre, Children Academy is a platform for small children to take care of their educational needs. The education imparted to them help to improve their personality and lead them to a bright future. When it comes to learning, the experts feel that children must learn cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically to develop their personality fully. Special care is taken to enhance their thoughts and imbibe good qualities in the kids. Children are encouraged to develop their unique personality trends and face the world with confidence. The values they want to impart are for overall growth to develop a modern outlook in the child.

Children Academy wants your child to grow and be a responsible human being. They have specially trained staff who make every effort to make children learn good health habits and develop basic skills for personal adjustment. They encourage group work projects, that results in forming good social habits and ability to co-ordinate in a group. The curriculum is constantly remodelled to to stay ahead of times and beat competition. Children learn the importance of being independent and hoe to handle themselves in various situations. Since they can speak fluently and correctly they can express their feelings clearly and interact with the outside world confidently.

With children specific each chils needs is catered to help them grow and perform at their best. They employ the best teachers to take care of your childs needs. The kids are encouraged to dream big things for their future and nurtured to achieve those dreams. The team consists of Teachers and Para-professionals who are capable of dealing with any situation. Teachers also hold New Jersey License and Child Development Associate certificates as Children Academy believes in hiring the best for their children. They provide continuing education through The Star Program. In keeping with the current times the teaching pattern is constantly changed and updated. Also, the teachers are hired after they clear innumerable tests and tough interview rounds. The school authorities exercise caution and conduct pre-employment verifications and criminal investigation checks. To ensure a bright future for your child, you can rely on the best school, Children Academy.

Prepare your kids for a better future!

Charged with energy, spirit and enthusiasm children are our future.  Everybody knows this well and therefore we should always try to adopt proper methods of kid’s education which will help their personalities get shaped in a better way.  This will help our kids become good humans and better citizens assuring us of a better tomorrow.  Can you think of some ways by which we can achieve this? OK just go through the article.

However, before we delve deeper into the topic wouldn’t be nice to first identify the points around which we will discuss? For your convenience, I will limit my discussion to brain development of toddlers and infants only.

How brain development process goes in kids?

So, this paragraph is of great help to those mothers whose babies are either under the age of one or within the age group of two to three years. Let’s now see how the development of brain occurs in infants and kids.

Researches reveal that more than seventy five percent of the child’s brain growth and development takes place between the age group of one to three. That’s why this is considered the most crucial time period of the child’s life. The first year mostly relates to infants semi-fetal development where he or she just loves attention and care. That’s it! So, their life is centered on feeding milk and sleeping.  While doctors say that these two activities are primarily very important for his growth and development process at later stages, parents tend to enjoy this time with their infants without being much worried about anything.

However, as the child completes his first year he enters in a different stage of mind. Crawling on his knees he develops a habit of touching everything around him. While gradually moving and trying to walk he starts throwing things as they fall in his way without knowing that it may be of any use. This shows that his brain development is fast and he has started indentifying things. It indicates another important aspect about his brain development-he is now ready to learn and grasp things fast!  This is the perfect time when parents should opt for good child care programs that deal specifically with children of this age group.  The next thing in your mind should be to locate day care centers near me and how to choose a correct day care program. However, this isn’t difficult at all! As now technology is at your doorsteps.

How to find good child care centers?

Just switch on the internet and quick start your search on many popular search engines. However, while searching you try to identify child care learning centers or children academy that make best use of children’s capabilities through their IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and MDC (Milestone Developmental Chart) programs. These quality child care programs offer techniques that help in emotional and cognitive development of toddlers.  Through a perfect learning ambience they offer a favorable environment that helps the child in achieving his milestones and thus make him use his brain in a proper way.


You are a mother of a toddler and your child is now six months old and therefore you want him to go to a child care center. Your leaves are now finished and you have to soon join your office and this is making you all the more worried.  However, being a caring mother you cannot admit your son at any other learning center. So, you basically want that your child’s care academy should have ample of child care programs designed for his group and age. Because you feel that proper learning environment provided to your son at this age will enable him utilize his capabilities to maximum. This will further aid his mental development towards a positive direction which will be helpful for his future growth.

Though there are many children academies in New Zealand that are equipped with many good programs but I would like to refer the name of Children Academy that is in Jimmie Leeds Road, Galloway NJ.  Though you can directly contact them through their website by clicking on the link .

How it all start?

I enrolled my daughter there when she was only one year old but she remained there till she was three years old.  Now she is in first standard and her performance in the class is simply superb.  Her teachers praise a lot for her presence of mind and her etiquettes. This would not have been possible without the quality driven child care program run by the academy. I simply owe her overall development to the enriched programs which she underwent during her two year tenure at the toddlers academy. I still remember that time when every day she used to come back and tell me with excitement “Mama see what I’ve learnt!”.  This child care center used her intellect so well that she could learn many things!

While there are many good things about their day care program, I personally like the kind of affection they shower on the kids to put them at ease. This helps them explore the true potential of the kids and that’s how the academy teachers get hold of the inherent qualities of a particular child.  Their specifically designed curriculum amalgamated with music, fun and art is just ideal for kids.

Their schedule basically comprises of two things-individual activity and group activities. While the former is designed specifically keeping in mind the caliber, brilliance and the nature of an individual child the latter offers a better cognitive and emotional development of the child.

How I landed at Children Academy?

While mentioning about the progress of my daughter, I think it would be nice to talk about how I located such a good child care and day care center near me.  One day I went for shopping with my friend at a mall in Jimmie Leeds. On our way back home; their children learning and day care center suddenly attracted our attention. Immediately I entered their office there itself. After I acquired all the required information, I headed back to my home. Thus our shopping helped me find a good child care place. Isn’t it amazing?

Carry out your responsibilities well towards your child!

Through this article, I want to offer a piece of advice to all those men and women who have recently become parents.  Let me tell you that now you are at a point in your life where you should learn to execute your responsibilities in a much better way. Don’t just be doting mothers or fathers; realize your accountability towards your family more specifically towards your kid.  That means apart from nurturing you kid with love and effective you also have to be very cautious towards his or her cognitive and intellectual development.

This is time when all couples graduate from their period of alone enjoyment and head towards a fun filled family life where they gain insight on how to compromise on their needs and personal space.  They gradually learn that now their child is their priority.  Women start realizing that while motherhood is perhaps the most beautiful emotion that has enriched them with a feel of creation, one’s own creation; it has not come alone. Rather it has come encapsulated with many other responsibilities; ensuring proper development of their child is one of them.

In a technology driven world of today where every work can easily be carried out with the help of machines and computers; one thing still loves human touch.  Yes, parenting. Though it might seem quite easy yet parenting is one of the most tedious tasks. You need to bestow your child with right guidance, proper child care and support that too at the right time. However, if you fail to do so you can never be sure of overall development of your child.  Parenting becomes all the more necessary when your child is in his initial years of growth (within the age group of three years). Because, most of the child’s development occurs during this time period only! But your biggest worry is how to contribute towards your kid’s growth as you are working parents and you have little left for anything else.

How can child care centers help you in parenting?

Though during your child’s teenage this situation may be compromised to an extent where you can make up for something by spending quality time with him or her at weekends. However, you don’t need to do so when he is a toddler or an infant.  Go ahead and seek the help of various child care programs and day care programs that are designed for this purpose. These programs are designed and executed in a way that they not only monitor the development of a child but also stimulate his development process. Most of child care centers in New Zealand have special programs individually designed for each age group of children-for infants, toddlers, preppers, pre-kindergarten, foundation and kindergarten.  By organizing explorer camps and before & after school programs they ensure that kids and children benefit from quality child care regimes.  Touching every aspect of learning that is required at this stage be it early mathematics, music, phonics or painting, these child care academy centres promote the overall development of their kids. You can use power of internet and find a child care academy by typing ‘locate day care centers near me’.

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