Children Academy Gives A Whole New Dimension To Learning

Childrens Academy is simply not a school, it is a new platform for young children to satisfy their educational needs and improve their personality which helps to design a bright future for kids. In terms of learning, they believe in imparting knowledge to the child as a whole to help them grow cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically. A concept that is taught is integrated in their personality to help them grow better with values. This enables children to reinvent their personality and gain confidence in their understanding of the world. At Children Academy, well-rounded, enriching and educationally focused care is provided that benefits the child and parents.

The aim of Children Academy is unconditional learning of your child. Their trained staff ensure that children learn good health habits and develop basic skills for personal adjustment. Through their group work projects, children develop desirable social attitude and encourage them for healthy group participation actively. The curriculum is designed in away to help develop emotional maturity by guiding the child to express, understand, accept and control his feelings and emotions along with encouraging aesthetic appreciation. Children Academy believes in making the child independent and creative by giving him sufficient opportunities for self expression. The school is the platform for children to express their thoughts and feelings in fluent, correct and clear speech.

About The School:

In keeping with this tradition, where the child is the focus – their programs create an opportunity for each child to attain their full potential and achieve their dreams as well as yours for them. Their aim is to provide an optimum learning environment while bearing in mind that they are making imprints in young minds as they learn through fun while being challenged to achieve success and grow as people.

All the Teachers and Para-professionals are trained in the latest research and learning trends. Many of their teachers are New Jersey Licensed Group Teachers and Child Development Associate holders. The Star Program provides an extensive continuing education program to ensure that they maintain current licenses as well as keep up to date with current research and early education trends to ensure that your child’s education meets local, national and world standards. In addition, they have passed through stringent hiring process and pre-employment verifications including full and continuous criminal investigation checks. Most of the staff members are also current in child and Infant CPR training and procedures.

Your child’s destination for achieving early academic excellence!

Equipped with specialized programs for infants, toddlers and kids; CHLDREN ACADEMY is all set to launch a separate category for each age group on their website so that all round development of the kids can be worked out with full focus. Keeping this in mind they immediately initiated their step towards achieving it. The result of their efforts can easily be seen on their website , that contains total of ten links under the main link Programs and Curriculums. These links portray different groups the Child Care & Learning Center wishes to cater to.

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Preppers
  • Preschool-Foundations 1
  • Pre kindergarten-foundations 2
  • Kindergarten
  • Before & After School Program
  • Explorer Camp
  • Play Groups
  • Drop in Enrichment Programs
  • Play Dates

Anyone can get a detailed view of all the child care programs running under the hood of CHILDREN ACADEMY by clicking on the respective links. While most of the links are already full, some of them are still awaiting information about the child care center’s programs and curriculums which are still in the pipeline. However, parents can expect them to be loaded with latest information within next few days. Who knows by the time they are reading this Public Release the links are already equipped with information.

About the company:
Established with a target of offering perfect learning ambience for kids and children of age groups below six; the CHILDREN ACADEMY has successfully achieved few milestones. They have launched several exceptionally rich and unique day care programs that promise to provide an environment focused at optimum learning of kids.

Promising to deliver quality child care education for the future generation of the country, CHILDREN ACADEMY is well versed with the relevance of the initial growing years of the child’s life. While their philosophy is to offer an environment that itself facilitates and promotes the learning habits in a child they do not want to leave any stone unturned in achieving their target. The child care & learning center knows that accomplishing this task is not that easy. However, with improved methods of learning, focused approach of the teachers and well though & developed curriculum they surely feel that they will reach at their target successfully. Making use of several evaluation tools like Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Milestone Development Chart (MDC) and designing early Foundations curriculum so that they meet the standards set by developmentally appropriate practices (DAPS); the child care center offers ideal learning platform for infants.

Through their online portal they ensure that working parents do not face difficulty while interacting with their staff members. By means of several downloadable forms they have made the process of interaction lot easier.
From the positive feedbacks received at parents’ end and the growing popularity on social media networks; they deserved to be called one of the best day care centers near me. Parents willing to get their child admitted to CHILDREN ACADEMY can easily find the child care center’s link on Facebook.

New Jersey, 10th April: — When a child becomes in the age of one year and above, the real hunt for proper Child care programs begin. Just after a baby born, the parents start their new innings of concerning only for him or her. But at that point of time it is only limited into nourishing him with utmost care. Here the ‘find child care’ program begins. But when the kid starts walking or talking a little bit, then parents’ original search of the proper child care programs begins.

Here only comes the factor of a quality child care program which was brought by Children Academy in New Jersey fifeteen years back. They have built an organized curriculum to fit for the children of various age-group. In this Day care program which they run, there remains all fun activities along with learning. The curriculum is engrossed with all the vitalization which encourages kids to discover their world. This ‘fun while learning’ program helps the kids discover their surroundings with a new vision. As a result they love what they learn.

The Pre-Kindergarten program of this academy is so scientific that it helps to build a new sense of creation among the kids. Coming here, they learn how to mix with their new friends, who are of their same age. While spending their time without their parents, the kids do not feel lonely or bored at any time. It is so because they always be in a world of fun and entertainment along with learning new things. The language skills are developed, the social skills are taken care of and lastly the parents requirements are also fulfilled over here. This is called a ultimate quality child care.

The parents can build up a bridge with the quality teachers of the academy. To fulfill this objective, there exists a Parents center to aware the parents with the child’s growth. The academy organizes parent-teacher seminar which are held annually. All the teachers of this Day care program are highly trained and competent as per the latest trends. The teachers are all licensed by the state and all of them have cleared the unique hiring process of the academy. The school website is regularly updated with the parents requirements to make it a specialised child care at the end of the day.

This business of child care has grown up rapidly nowadays. You can see many day care or child care programs here and there. But all of them are not successful because of their lack of caring about the child requirements. Whenever the parents need for the ‘Day care centers near me’, the real role of a quality child care comes. And here the Children Academy has fulfilled all the criteria that a parents want. That is why this academy has proved themselves a ultimate solution for the ‘find child care’ project of the parents. Whenever they have come across with this academy they are complacent enough that they have got a place where they can leave their children for hours in some safe hands.

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