Our pre-kindergarten program helps your child’s development in four key domains: social/emotional, cognitive, language and physical. The curriculum focuses on all domains, clearly outlining the goals within each. By the end of this program, your child will learn to have better control with scissors, paint brushes, and pencils while learning to write the alphabet.

At this stage, children are learning through discovery and experimentation. They try to understand and classify objects, usually by sorting one characteristic at a time. They are also learning to understand their own feelings – and those of others. They are curious about why things happen the way they do.

We provide children with an ideal platform that lets them share their thoughts with their newly acquired speaking skills. This leads to a healthy confidence build-up in them that works for the rest of their lives. Communication skills are reinforced through reading and writing. Outdoor activities involve fun and play – and help improve muscle control and motor coordination.

For all this to happen smoothly, your child must not only adapt to the environment but also trust those around. Our staff will give your child the gentle loving care that is vital for him/her to flourish. Your child will easily adapt to our environment – and respond wonderfully to the personal attention he/she will get from our staff.

At Children Academy, we observe the developing pace of every child. Our learning environment is always engaging and fun filled!
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