Our Prepper program incorporates your child’s growing abilities for symbolic thinking and complex social interactions. Our well planned environment takes into consideration emergence from solitary into self-directed play, while providing several opportunities for choice as they explore the world. Preppers are introduced to Early Math and Phonics as well as Science and Practice Writing while incorporating Music and Art as well as opportunities for ample movement. Preppers also get a chance to enjoy Social Studies in our Downtown Village complete with props to enhance hands on learning. Children quickly learn that their opinion and achievements count in this child-directed, teacher-facilitated atmosphere.

The Prepper daily schedule follows a routine that includes opportunities for toilet training. Teachers follow cues from your child to introduce toileting and hygienic toileting habits that promote good health. Children capitalize on this positive environment to achieve bathroom independence as teachers encourage new challenges and praise all efforts. Daily progress is provided to parents as they share successes and join with teachers as partners to continue this process at home. Preppers emerge as confident children ready to tackle the challenges of preschool and life in general.

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