Teacher Child Interactions

Teachers should have control of their classroom and maintain a proactive approach to discipline. Classroom environments should be set up to prevent discipline problems and chaos. Simple actions such as proper room arrangement and coordination to eliminate running spaces could prevent injuries. Making sure there are enough materials for children during learning center and free choice times could prevent children from fighting over toys. Proper seating arrangement and separating children who don’t always get along could prevent altercations. Children should also be given free choice and opportunities throughout the day when they make the choice. This helps balance power in the classroom and show the children that they have autonomy in some areas and that their opinions are valued. When there are discipline issues in the classroom, the teacher must be firm and gentle in resolving conflict and whenever possible, call for Administrative help when needed. In some cases it becomes necessary for children to be removed from the class briefly so that other children can learn. In extremely rare cases when all else has failed and after reintroduction to the class several times, a parent may be called to pick up their child for the day.

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