Our toddler program is designed with your growing miracle in mind. As their personalities and verbal abilities emerge, so does our curriculum. We have built a program that meets their growing need for independence, movement as well as guidance. We understand that toddlers not only need space but also safety. Our energetic staff provides a spacious as well as a safe world and stimulating activities as they paint their mark on the palette which is their world.

Our curriculum is rich in sensory stimulations as they are encouraged to investigate their world using all their senses in a safe manner. Music and art are incorporated as well to infuse fun so that your toddler is having fun while learning and growing. All daily activities are personally screened to ensure that they provide for growth in all areas of need as they are encouraged to acquire self-help skills.

Our daily schedules include time for personal as well as group activities that encourage language, social, cognitive as well as sensory growth. Each child’s personalized and individualized education plan seeks to challenge them to their maximum ability as they learn to resolve conflicts, problem-solve and character-build.

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